Consulting Workflow

  • Plan a discussion

    • A short discussion with our consultants gives you an idea of the process and the next steps

  • Defining Quality and Quantity

    • Discussions with key leaders and interviews with managers to first understand and then define the drivers of your organisation. This outlines what is important in terms of performance (and in some cases, efficiency) for your organisation.

  • Anonymising the data

    • This step is important for three primary reasons.

      • We take people’s privacy and guidelines for protecting of individual privacy very seriously

      • Often the people, teams and entities being evaluated are your organisation’s prime assets. We understand that in most cases such information would be confidential to you

      • As external consultants our processes are unbiased and hence work only on the parameters needed to assess performance. Names, descriptions or other personal or team details are not important to the assessment process

    • In many of our larger customers the HR or Operations Teams have simple ways to generate anonymised data and input information. In case your team needs support in building the anonymised database from company information then our associates can help you

  • Analysis of the data

    • Our research team works on the data to generate and evaluate the “Quasity” output for the entities being reviews

    • This output is used to create the performance reports

  • Review of the performance reports/ Joint discussions

    • Simple review of the analysis output

    • Discussions regarding the results

    • Review of potential recommendations

    • Single conclusion with a report or setup of a continuous performance review process (with curation by our research team)