What is your FOCUS INDUSTRY?

Our primary work is in the services industry.

While our measures are valid from individual performers, teams, units to systems the current consulting engagements are generally tailored to “real-world” scenarios in the software development, product and production engineering services, banking and insurance services sectors.

The processes are generally applicable in areas where talent management is important to an organisation whether it is for individuals or teams in companies, sports teams or R&D organisations.


We work as external consultants and hence our approach is to deliver an unbiased review of performance within an organisation. We are not involved in how this assessment might translate into the actual appraisal process of encouragement and rewards. The actual appraisal process within the organisation is done by the HR department, company owners and team managers of our customers.



Our research is applicable to multiple scenarios from individual performers, teams, processes to systems. However, much of our work is related to talent management and hence often involves analysis of individual’s performance. In this context our firm belief is that all employees have individual potentials and key abilities, deserving respect and dignity. Mapping individuals’ potentials to areas where they can excel is the role of Human Resources teams within our customers’ organisations. Nevertheless, as all organisations in the talent management industry need to measure performance our consulting work fits into the assessment process.

Our research also gives us the understanding that talent and performance does not follow a bell curve distribution. We understand that our customers’ own organisations might have their own processes for the appraisal or reward distribution process. Our analysis covers the measurement of performance, which tends to follow a pareto like distribution. We highly recommend that you read more about our “Quasity” measures and the research we have done regarding performance measurement.

WHAT IS THE duration of a typical assessment?

If all the data is already available and the “Quality” and “Quantity” parameters have been discussed and agreed upon, then our research team will need about 5 working days to analyse the data and generate the analysis report. For a detailed walk-through of the report an appointment can be setup separately.

If the process is being setup for the first time then the overall assessment duration can be spread out over 1 month, with a couple of hours being required from key stakeholders in intermittent slots during the initial phase of 2 weeks. The initial period of 2 weeks (assuming all the data is now compiled and shared with us), is followed by 1 week data checking for completeness and alignment with our “real-world” understanding of the use case. This is followed by the 1 week or 5 working day analysis and report generation by our research team.

where can I find more information about “quasity” and this research?

The research articles regarding “Quasity” are easily accessible online. You can also review the presentations and discussions posted online, by searching for Dr. Gangan Prathap and “Quality”.

Any other questions?

Whether you have more questions about our research or regarding our consulting services feel free to reach out to us.